Catch @QueenRoxxanneMontana @ 25 Live Greenville SC Friday 6th September


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Happy Birthday to the Queen of #Drügs and I Love Applecakes publisher @QueenRoxxanneMontana


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Celebrities, industry executives and tastemakers attended anticipated artist Darnaa at the iconic Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Aug. 28, 2013) – New Indie/Pop artist Darnaa hosted a star-studded invite only listening experience Tuesday evening for the industry’s elite at the historic Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Boris Kodjoe hosted the exclusive event and notable guests including Rosa Acosta, Bobby Brackins, Somaya Reece, Yesi Ortiz (Power 106 FM), Naughty by Nature, Gabriel Cannon, OMG! Insider Nina Parker, Steve Lobel and more graced the pink carpet.

The Whisky A Go Go was transformed into a glamorous “Wonderland” for Darnaa’s inaugural live performance in Hollywood, CA. The stunning artist performed three songs, including her hit single “Runaway,” in front of the packed crowd. The landmark venue was completely wrapped in white for a massive video projection featuring her music video shoot that immediately followed her performance. The event was produced by YES Productions and Echoing Soundz.

Photos Include:

· Actor – Boris Kodjoe
· Singer – Darnaa
· Actor – Gabriel Cannon
· Model / Actress – Rosa Acosta
· Celebrity Stylist – Geebin Flores
· Model / Actress – Somaya Reece
· Music Manager – Steve Lobel
· Actor – Todd Anthony
· Rapper – Treach
· Rapper – Sticky Fingaz
· Radio Host – Yesi Ortiz
· Rapper – Bobby Brackins
· Celebrity Host – Nina Parker
· Hollywood MC – Sincere

For more information, contact Echoing Soundz:
Echo Hattix:
Moses Hill:

The life of an Applecake


By Kushaa T

There have been quite a few questions about what it is to be an AppleCake. It is so much more than just being labeled a vixen or eye-candy. Being an AppleCake is choosing a lifestyle. Strong, esteemed, attractive women have so many opportunities for growth in this generation. In the hip-hop industry, specifically, more and more pretty girls are being transformed into beautiful women and successful business owners. AppleCakes are representative of young, bossy chicks who are setting an example and looking fantastic while doing it. They travel, so they’ve got the connections to get their dreams going. They are smart and poised, so there is no such thing as a sloppy AppleCake. Overall, an AppleCake is ambitious, stopping at nothing to get what they want. Oh, and we can’t forget an AppleCake has “AppleCakes” for days! This publication is more than an eye-candy magazine for the average man to see cute girls posing on a random car or a rock on the beach. This is a look into the life of women who work hard and play harder.

The publisher, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine, is Roxxanne Montana. As a female editor, publisher, and model she is an inspiration to all AppleCakes world-wide who are trying to follow a similar path. All AppleCakes are not dancers. This will be a common misconception. Like I mentioned before, being an AppleCake is choosing a lifestyle. It is choosing to work hard and go harder at anything you do. Whether it be dancing, pole modeling, blogging, designing, marketing, etc. If your dreams are clear and concrete, you’ve got the look that makes people want to follow your movement, and you have the ambition to make your movement a powerful force, there is AppleCake potential. I’m sure many readers are familiar with the phrase “bad b*tches link up”. You’ve probably heard it more frequent than not in the very recent past. But this, this is about bad chicks linking up, and forming a network in which we can build a brand, an empire. They’ll love AppleCakes for their passion, looks are just a plus! So with that being said I’m going to ask you this: is beauty really only skin deep?

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#ILoveApplecakes publisher @QueenRoxxanneMontana birthday this Thursday in Miami @ G5


Come party with the Queen of #Drügs and I Love Applecakes publisher @QueenRoxxanneMontana this Thursday in Miami at G5.

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@HozeaMassiah reading his copy of #ILoveApplecakes over breakfast in LA



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#ILoveApplecakes the official SnapBack get yours!!


@GorgeousGangsters presents the official #ILoveApplecakes snap back. Be sure to get yours right away!!! The snap comes in blue, black or a red hat so there’s one for everyone… Get yours bly from also make sure you log on every day to and stay tuned to all the whole #ILoveApplecakes movement!! Don’t forget @ I Love Applecakes Everydays is your Birthday!!

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Congratulations to @KiaraRedd_ for gracing the cover and centrefold of #ILoveApplecakes issue 1


Read the full interview below..

Kiara Redd by Roxxanne Montana

Applecakes: What’s your background?
Kiara: Born and raised in California San Francisco, specifically “Fillmore”. But I reside in Houston TX baby! High school MVP and U.E.O.N.O … N yes I love community work I’m a MLK Humanitarian Award Winner and raised by a awesome single mommy!!!

Applecakes: What can u never leave home without?
Kiara: I would die if I left my cellphone. I need my money of course! Oh and I can’t leave without a good attitude because it will be all bad for everybody.

Applecakes: What are you listening to right now?
Kiara: I’m listening to my money counter operating… Lol and of course my WALE!

Applecakes: City with the most Swagg?
Kiara: Well my city girls of SF def have a lot of Swagg and then you know I gotta give it to my NY dudes!

Applecakes: Favorite Designer brand?
Kiara: I’m not really a huge name brand person, I’m more of a boutique kind of girl BUT of I love the famous Louis Vuitton/Christian, Brian Attwood and Guiseppes.

Applecakes: Favorite car:
Kiara: We’ll I have to say a Benz. Because I love mine! But I would LOVE a Audi A1, the sports back and I’ve always thought a BMW x6 was sexy! Nuthin to much but classy.

Applecakes: Favorite Food?
Kiara: I love Italian Food, pastas & pizza are some of my favourite foods. Another one of my all time favorites is Mexican, anything with sour-cream and cheese added I’m down!!

Applecakes: Sneakers or heels?
Kiara: I can pull off both! Every girl should…

Applecakes: Lights on or off?
Kiara: Both, sometimes I like to watch and see what’s goin on wit my boo and sometimes I like to make it sexy with the lights off.

Applecakes: Qualities you look for in a man?
Kiara: Love a sexy, tall, respectable man who knows what he wants in life. I love a protector (but not jealous) and a confident man who knows how to handle me and treat me like a QUEEN not his BITCH or PROPERTY. Please and thank u !!

Applecakes: Web details?
Kiara: Instagram : @ KiaraRedd_ (underscore at the end)
Twitter : @mosmodelkiki

Download the very 1st issue of #ILoveApplecakes by #RoxxanneMontana

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